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Auau Tattoo Chak Brow Pen 0.9g

Auau Tattoo Chak Brow Pen 0.9g

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▶ Product Description

: Tattoo brow pen with long-lasting, strong lasting power.

: Oil/moisture strong multi-proof, not easy to remove.

: Long lasting core ingredient DHA keeps color for up to 10 days.
* Completed clinical test for color lasting effect for 10 days

: 4 layer brush gives delicate eyebrows look.

: Natural ingredients provide nutrition for elastic eyebrows.

: Skin hypoallergenic test completed.

▶ How to use

1. Before going to bed, remove oil and moisture from the eyebrows and outline along the eyebrow line.
2. Stand up the quadruple brush and touch from the front of the eyebrows.
3. Please refrain from excessive cleansing within 12 hours after applying the contents.
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