Fachouette Pucca Ash Plaster Mask Sheet Korean Skin Care

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Fachouette Pucca Ash Plaster Mask Sheet Korean Skin Care

Skin purification solution containing volcanic ash

Fachouette The volcanic ash gypsum mask pack is easy to use!

It contains bentonite, kaolin, and volcanic ash, which is effective in

removing wastes in the pores and shrinking pores, to purify the skin

and make it soft and smooth.

A pack that pulls the skin as the plaster dries

In the case of the existing gypsum pack, the powder is mixed with water and applied to the face.


  • The mask pack, which was moist immediately after use, pulls the skin tight as the plaster hardens over time.
  • The mask that holds the skin firmly is peeled off as it is in the shape of the face.
  • It prevents the skin from drying out due to its moisturizing effect.
  • It has a high sebum absorption effect, which cleans the pores to make the skin clean and suppresses the production of sebum.
  • 100% natural material with the biodegradability

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