Fachouette Pucca Daily Skin Care Pack All Types of Skin Face Mask

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Pucca Daily Care Pack

  • · Daily hydration without irritation with mild ingredients obtained from nature
  • · Intensive care by filling a bottle of V 23g highly concentrated essence
  • · 5 types to choose according to the skin concerns of the day
  • · V Free to 10 harmful ingredients such as preservatives and parabens
  • · V skin-enhancing natural ingredients added with 5 ingredients
  • · V Moisturizing + soothing skin+ + supplying nutrients at once!


One bottle of highly concentrated essence in one

Experience a change in your skin after just one use.

Additive Free

< No addition of 10 harmful ingredients To the skin, all 10 ingredients that are harmful to the skin are not added.

#Moisturizing #Nutrition #Soothing #Luminous Enhancement #Vitality #1 Pack a Day



1. After removing the mask pack, lightly finish with lotion or cream to further retain moisture and nutrition.

2. You can also put it on your neck or back of your hands, which are easily neglected.

3. If the removed mask pack essence remains, it is recommended to rub it on the area concerned about dryness.