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INGA Water Glow Glossy and Shiny | No Sticky | Long lasting (Move)

INGA Water Glow Glossy and Shiny | No Sticky | Long lasting (Move)

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INGA Water Glow Lip Tint

Inga Water Glow Lip Tint provides rich moisture with a long-lasting , non sticky, glossy and watery formula.
It contains moisturizing ingredients to keep the lips moist and plumpy as if they were lip cared, and
is a thinner and clearer formula.

It is moisty and doesn't dry out over time, the lips are bright and shiny right after application, and it feels light as if it was never applied.
It has strong tinting power that is not easily erased, Excellent tinting power that is tinted with visible colors, and has pigment stability that show cicid colrs with visible color.

Lip tint with 13 Colors

1. Splash - Neat and Clear Nudie Pink
2. Calm - Orange Brick an introductory color that is good to try.
3. Wicked - Plum introductory color with a little bit of pink.
4. Dive - Sof color of Hot chili red
5. Madness - Dark red color
6. Crush - Orange coral pink to create lively image
7. Flow - A color like adding a drop red to coral , Create natural image
8. Narcissism - Daily rose coral that develops natural lips
9. Nasty - Deep brick color that reminds of autumn
10. Move - A bright cool redf that brightens the face
11. Brook - Chili brook color like dried maple leaves mixed with a drop of red
12. Storm - Curls that add weight to the lips with sa red brick color that removes yellowness
13. Dewy - A light apricot with reduced saturation, color that gives clear and transparent feeling


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