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Korean Cosmetic The Saem Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Foam 150ml 4 Types Skin ca

Korean Cosmetic The Saem Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Foam 150ml 4 Types Skin ca

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[THE SAEM] Healing Tea Garden Cleansing foam 150ml

Brand: The SAEM
Skin Type: All Skin Type
Product Type: Cream
Capacity (ml): 150ml
Subject: Cleansing Foam

Green tea - Rich moisture and nutrition for bright and clear skin. 
Excellent moisturizing power helps protect your skin after washing. Removes makeup and reduces stimulation.
Rooibos - The Saem Healing Tea Garden Rooibos Tea Cleansing Foam is a daily cleansing foam that has soft and firm bubbles. This cleansing foam contains African Rooibos Tea that gives firm and vital to your skin. This healing tea garden cleansing foam includes plant extracts that provides moisture skin even after face wash.

Tea tree - Tea tree from Australia controls the oiliness and sebum. It also creates clear and healthy skin by exfoliating the skin wastes and makeup residues.
White tea - Penka with white tea extract for cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Regular cleansing of the skin with foam with white tea extract will give you reliable protection against the negative effects of external factors, intensive moisturizing and saturation with nutrients.
Extract of white tea accelerates the regeneration of cells, slowing down the processes of premature aging.
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How to use
1. When washing your face, take an appropriate amount and lather with water.
2. Gently rub the entire face like a massage.
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