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Ohora (N Mir)

Ohora (N Mir)

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N Mir Nails

Inspired by the bold calligraphy brush strokes, it expresses the
feeling of being unleashed. It is a nail with a translucent black
color and added depth to the nail the abstract brush!

Hunminjeongeum is a national holiday to commemorate the
creation and publication of today's Hangul!
In particular, Ohora emphasized the extremely scientific
and rational nature of Hangul, and combined it with today's
culture to design an attractive special product that did not exist before

Point 01
Mother-of-pearl design with natural dyeing to enhance the kill
Point 02
Made by combining the glitter of various colors and particles
The only glitter design in the world
Point 03
Cut into multiple angles
Brightly shining parts design
Point 04 Without worrying about various hand/toenail shapes and sizes
Evening configuration available
OHORA products are made from quality cosmetic-grade real gel nail ingredients that are
listed in International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary.
The ingredients are mixed, not printed like others, and made into thin films, using patented UV light
control, called ‘Semi-Cured’ technology.
Semicure Nail, Made of Real Gel
Semi cure nail is a whole new type of gel nail that is made of the actual gel which is cured up to
only 60% so it can easily be worn on any nail.
After curing the rest of 40%.
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