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Ohora (N Tan Signature Nails)

Ohora (N Tan Signature Nails)

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N Tan Signature Nails
Drawing nails filled with objects of tattooist Tan

It is a design with colorfully drawn small and cute things.
Tan's signature dinosaur drawing was drawn and the dinosaur
egg pattern was expressed as a pattern to make it unique.

OHORA products are made from quality cosmetic-grade real gel nail ingredients that are listed in International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary.
The ingredients are mixed, not printed like others, and made into thin films, using patented UV light control, called ‘Semi-Cured’ technology.

Semicure Nail, Made of Real Gel
Semi cure nail is a whole new type of gel nail that is made of the actual gel which is cured up to only 60% so it can easily be worn on any nail.
After curing the rest of 40%.

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