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The SAEM Saemmul Water Mousse Jelly Candy Lip Tint Collection

The SAEM Saemmul Water Mousse Jelly Candy Lip Tint Collection

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The Saem
Saemmul Water Candy Tint

01 Cherry
02 Apple
03 Red Mango
04 Persimmon Orange
05 Watermelon
Volume 10g

The Saem
Saemmul Mousse Candy Tint

01 Red Mangomus / 02 Strawberry Mousse
03 Carrot Mousse / 04 Grapefruit Mousse
05 Yogurtberry Mousse / 06 Chai Mousse
07 Dark Cherry Mousse / 08 Apricot Mousse
09 Peanut Mousse / Strawberry Cheese Mousse
11 Tomato Mousse / 12 Apple Mousse / 13 Raspberry Mousse
Volume 8g

The Saem
Saemmul Jelly Candy Tint

01 Pomegranate
02 Black tea
03 Citrus
04 Peach
05 Cloud Candy
Volume 8g

Product Description

Water-type candy tint that expresses sweet and vibrant lips like candy
Additive and refreshing water-type tint
The water-type tint soaks in moisture and gives a fresh finish, and the honey extract is made of hyaluronic acid.
It contains ingredients so it doesn't dry out.
Even a single drop is thick! Vivid color
With just one touch, the vivid color gives a bright expression to the face, and the visible color is clear.
The damaged color lasts for a long time.

How to use: Take an appropriate amount of content and apply gently from the inside of the lips.

--------------------- Mousse type tint that expresses the lips with a soft texture and vivid color
Light mousse texture tint for sitting
It has a light mousse texture that is known to be variable and has a soft summer finish, and vibrant color is added to give a brighter look.
A long-lasting whole state without dryness
By applying a stay coating rare that holds pigments and moisturizing ingredients, it maintains a vivid color without drying for a long time.
In addition, honey extract and hyaluronic acid are added to prevent drying.
The shy color and scent that you feel lively
The vivid color that seems to have been freshly squeezed
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