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Too Cool For School Art Class Glam Under Liner (0.2g /0.7g)

Too Cool For School Art Class Glam Under Liner (0.2g /0.7g)

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Volumizing pen: Has a non-shimmer volumizing pen that glides smoothly and brightens the skin naturally

Shadow Liner: Has a soft brush tip pen-type shadow liner that does not budge and creates natural shading Aegyo-sal (undereye area) makeup

An Aegyo-sal liner that can be used in multiple ways from creating aegyo-sal to opening up the eyes

Long-lasting pencil-type liner and a smudge-proof brush tip pen shadow liner

01 All-In-One Dual Aegyo Sal Liner

[Bright nude volumizing pencil + natural Hsadow brush pen liner]

Milky aegyo sal makeup with just a single pencil

02 Natural and real aegyo sal is “matte”

Say no to glittery aegyo sal!

A matte volumizing color that naturally brightens the under-eye and adds volume without artificial shimmer

How to user

Step 1: Add volume to your aegyo-sal (undereye makeup) that protrudes when you smile, starting from the middle.

*Tip! Adding volume starting from the inner corners might appear unnatural, so it is recommended that you begin by filling in right below the center of your pupil and using your finger to blend sideways seamlessly.

Step 2: Add shading by holding the brush tip pen shadow liner sideways, and apply below your aegyo-sal 1~2 times for natural shading.r<br>

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