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Copy of Forencos Tattoo Claire Velvet Tint 4g #21 Breathe Shade

Copy of Forencos Tattoo Claire Velvet Tint 4g #21 Breathe Shade

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FORENCOS Tattoo Clair Velvet Tint Queen 41 4g


Soft Matte Finish

Applies as a creamy liquid that dries into an ultra-lightweight, non-drying, and rich formula that lasts up to 24 hours.

One swipe is all it takes to achieve that desired high-intensity pigment. It comes in unique, classy, and luxurious packaging without breaking the bank.


Kiss a tissue to fix the formula.

You need to wait for the lipstick to dry within minutes before blotting with a tissue.

After applying one coat of lip tint, blot with a tissue and then paint another coat. The blotting eliminates any oil on the lips that could work as a barrier.

Gloss + dry lip flakes =disgusting. Prep with lip balm and a baby toothbrush.


True Tattoo Finish – Feels weightless all day.

Long lasting stain, no need to stop and reapply.

Packed with natural ingredients that let you have moisturized lips.

Pucker up 24 hours daily. Swipe your Tattoo Velvet Tints for a waterproof, long-lasting lip stain

Light as air. Creamiest lip tint that dries into a comfortable soft matte finish minus the heavy feeling

The lip hydration you need. Infused with shea butter, avocado oil, and honey. Velvet Tints keep your pout delicate and crack-free

Go with inclusive and glorious stains that stay Power up your makeup stash with these captivating shades that match all skin tones.

1 Non-Stick Formula

Made with non-drying, waterproof, and transfer-proof formula, these tints stay fab up to 24 hours

2 Waterproof Challenge

Drink, brush, spray some water — we dare you. See how these tints stay loyal to keeping your lips stunning

How to use

1 You need to apply the liquid lipstick on your lips.

2 you have to Wait for the stain to dry a bit.

3 Blot it with a tissue until the color no longer comes off

4 Repeat the first three steps until you reach your desired colorlip

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