Crokpa Donut Ring Tee Golf Tee Hanger 4p Tee Stand Buddy Supplies

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Crokpa Donut Ring Tea Hanger
Composition : 4
Twisted line length : 16.0cm
Width : 2.5cm
Length : 5.0cm
It has weight and doesn't fly far
There is nothing to lose.

It does not damage the head when shooting.
It allows you to securely tee the ball up at a higher.
It allows you to easily check where the ball is before hitting it.
Elevation without ruining your tee.
Reduces friction and side spin for optimal accuracy distance.

Used to firmly support and cushion high golf, Keep the balance of the golf ball, prevent roll around.
No more losing & looking for tees & stepping out into the range distracting other golfers.
No more wasting time chasing & bending over to retrieve your tees.
Increases range productivity & balls hit per hour.