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[FORENCOS] Aqua Connection Cream 1.7 fl oz: 1EA

Care for moisture without worrying about the cold. Moisturizing
Gel Emulsion Texture Moisture Coating Film
Moisturizing GEL Formula

- Purpose: Area Face
- Features: Alcohol-Free, Natural Ingredients, Ammonia-Free
- Formulation: Cream.
- Skin type: all skin types.
- Gender: unisex.
- Expiration date: 2021. 4. 10.

A powerful gel moisturizer.
"It is a moisturizing cream with a light texture that helps to improve the ability to retain moisture.

★ Product Description
Moisturizing, soothing, and firming the skin.
NMF (natural moisturizing factor) improves moisturizing power.
Moisture lock
Dual functions: Illuminating and
Anti-wrinkle Daily cream, more suitable for oily and combination skin.

★ Product Ingredients
Multi ex BSASM Plus Natural Moisturizing Factor
(3) French Herb Blend Water
(4) Saccharide

- How to use:

Apply an appropriate amount of the face cream gently in the last stage of skincare.