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Forencos Bare Shadow Palette

Forencos Bare Shadow Palette

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Forencos Bare Shadow Palette 09 Bouquet 

All shades can help you do techniques that can give the illusion of:
✔️Smaller eyes
✔️Larger eyes
✔️Eyes closer together
✔️Eyes farther apart
✔️Brighter eyes
✔️Evening out droopy lids

Enhance your eyes and draw attention to them!
All palettes have different color spectrums that can be used to contour your eyes and give you a mysterious look.
Some of its shimmery shades can brighten up your eyes and add a bit of fun to your look!
And if you’re not feeling too bold, it also has neutral colors to make your eyes stand out but without drawing too much attention.

You wouldn’t want others to see dull and tired eyes, right?
And wearing a mask all the time makes it more visible to everyone.
Add a pop of color and make those gorgeous eyes stand out!
It’s also made with a long-lasting formula so no need to keep reapplying!
Apply an appropriate amount on desired areas lightly using a brush or finger.

Actual product colors may vary from the images shown on your screen.
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If you have any questions about any particular product, color, or shade, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for clarifications.
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