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Forencos Mini Set Lip Tint Tattoo (Warm)

Forencos Mini Set Lip Tint Tattoo (Warm)

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Forencos Mini Set Tattoo Lip Tint | Korean Lip Tint, True Tattoo Finish and Lasting Stain

Finding Your Own Personal Color Without Failure
Contains MLBB color and trending color at the same time, making it perfect for skin tone.
-Tattoo dye that does not stain even if you eat or drink water.
-Bestseller + Colorist PICK unconditional Pretty Tone Solution

Achieve long-lasting beauty in 4 easy steps:
Step 1: Apply liquid lipstick to lips.
Step 2: Wait for the stain to dry a bit.
Step 3: Blot with a tissue until the color no longer comes out
Step 4: Repeat the first three steps until you reach the desired color.
Actual product colors may vary from images shown on your screen.
We cannot guarantee that the color displayed on our website exactly matches the color of our product.
If you have any questions about any particular product, color or shade,
please don't hesitate to contact us for clarification.
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