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FORENCOS Tattoo Chiffon Tint 5 Colors

FORENCOS Tattoo Chiffon Tint 5 Colors

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FORENCOS Tattoo Chiffon Tint 5 Colors | Thin and Soft Chiffon Texture Korean Liptint, 

Tattoo Chiffon Tint with 5 Colors

Burnt (Deep Brick)
Moss( Coral Beige)
Rust (Vintage Red)
Mauve (Pale Mauve)
Ginger (Nudie Coral)
Burnt (Deep Brick)

A tattoo tint with a thin and soft chiffon texture that
absorbs moisture and glides on to the Lips.

Can brighten your mood of the day with already curated color combination


Apply evenly with a Brush
Please do sonic wave so it is much
lighter and adheres evenly

Actual product colors may vary from the images shown on your screen.
We cannot guarantee that the color displayed on our website will exactly match the color of our product.
If you have any questions about any particular product, color, or shade,
please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for clarifications.

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