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Fulltouch Luminous Green Chalk 72pcs

Fulltouch Luminous Green Chalk 72pcs

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 Revolution in Colored Chalk!!!

Made of a carbonated material, it produces less chalk dust than gypsum luminous chalk.

With clear and vivid color, it is effective in highlighting. It makes students more concentrated.

 It is very convenient to emphasize with diverse colors for online lectures on the Internet. With great color distinction, it makes a lecture more effective.

It is easily visible in a bright and vivid manner even in the distance. It is especially good for students with weak color sensation (sense of color identification) and the short-sighted as well.

 It would be easier and more durable if a chalk holder is used.

 Hagoromo Chalk had already been produced under Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Even so, we earned Korea Certification (KC) which confirms that our product has no harm to human health from Korea Conformity Laboratories. Hagoromo Chalk is safe and the best in terms of quality.

 It is good in writing work instructions or drawing a safety sign in a dark place such as a construction site or factory.

 Chalks are inserted into Styrofoam slots one by one to avoid

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