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Fulltouch Yellow Chalk 72pcs

Fulltouch Yellow Chalk 72pcs

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Tired of buying new chalk all the time because your old ones keep breaking? Do your hands get dirty due to dust fallout? Are the colors not concentrated enough?

HAGOROMO’s Fulltouch Color Chalk today!

HAGOROMO has been around since 1932 making reliable and vibrant chalk for everyone to use. Known for its great visibility and long-lasting durability, HAGOROMO chalk is used for many purposes such as lectures in class, drawings on the sidewalk, and even used to teach children and kids in a fun and exciting way!

Fulltouch Chalk is made from calcium carbonate making it non-toxic to human health and safe for everyone to use. Dense in color but light in weight, these chalks draw and run exceptionally smooth all while generating little chalk dust.

A special feature this chalk has is that it is well coated preventing the chalk from cracking or breaking under pressure. In addition, it prevents chalk dust from staining hands.

When packaged, chalks are inserted into Styrofoam slots one by one to avoid breakage when in transit or in storage.

  • 1 x Chalk Box (72 Pcs)
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