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Ohora (N Aurora Mars Nails)

Ohora (N Aurora Mars Nails)

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N Aurora Mars

Mars marble design that expresses passionate Mars inclination
It is a design that expresses even the surface texture of Mars with
the marble technique of highly saturated orange and pink colors.

Point 01
Mother-of-pearl design with a natural tint to improve slaughter.
Point 02
Made by combining the brightness of various colors and particles.
The only glitter design in the world.
Point 03
Cut at multiple angles.
Brilliant piece design.
Point 04
Don't worry about the different shapes and sizes of fingernails or toenails.
Night settings available.

OHORA products are made from real cosmetic grade gel nail ingredients that
are listed in the international dictionary of cosmetic ingredients.
The ingredients are mixed, not printed like others, and become thin films.
With proprietary UV light control, called semi-cured technology.

What is the semi-cured nail? Semi-cured.
Nails made from real gel.
The semi-cured nail is a new type of gel nail that is made from the real gel that
heals up to 60% so it can be easily used on any nail. After curing the rest of 40%.
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