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Ohora (N Milky Way Nails)

Ohora (N Milky Way Nails)

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N Milky Way Nails<br><br>

Premium nail design with dreamy night sky<br><br>

Blue and purple colors naturally mix to create a night sky<br>
It is a nail design that is expressed with deep purple parts and purple glitter<br>
A design that will make you even more special.<br><br>

Point 01<br>
Mother-of-pearl design with natural dyeing to enhance the kill<br>
Point 02<br>
Made by combining the glitter of various colors and particles<br>
The only glitter design in the world Point 03<br>
Cut into multiple angles<br>
Brightly shining parts design<br>
Point 04<br>
Without worrying about various hand/toenail shapes and sizes<br>
Evening configuration available<br><br>

OHORA products are made from quality cosmetic-grade real gel nail ingredients that
are listed in International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary.<br>
The ingredients are mixed, not printed like others, and made into thin films,
using patented UV light control, called ‘Semi-Cured’ technology.<br><br>

Semicure Nail, Made of Real Gel<br>
Semi cure nail is a whole new type of gel nail that is made of the actual gel which
is cured up to only 60% so it can easily be worn on any nail.<br>
After curing the rest of 40%.<br>
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