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ohora Official Pro Loose Skin Remover

ohora Official Pro Loose Skin Remover

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Pro Loose Skin Remover

ohora pro loose skin remover This is a pusher-integrated loose skin remover that safely and gently removes loose skin from the nail surface.
Loose skin is the old dead skin cells attached to the surface of the nails.
Cuticles play an important role in preventing bacterial infections.
We recommend safe hand and toenail care that removes loose skin rather than removing cuticles by force.



  • Ohora's Pro Rouge Skin Remover gently removes old dead skin from nails
  • Apply the contents to the cuticle line using the bend inside the pusher.
  • It is a pusher-integrated remover that does not require a separate nail care tool from the application of contents to the removal of loose skin.
  • We have developed a curved pusher blade with an appropriate thickness that considers usability and stability.
  • Helps remove loose skin without damaging the cuticle and nail surface
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