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Ohora Official Pro Nail Primer

Ohora Official Pro Nail Primer

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ohora Official Pro Nail Primer Nail Care

If your hands and toenails are weak,
apply a protective layer with a nail primer before using Semi Cure Gel.

By forming a thin film on the surface of the nail, it can protect the limbs from irritation that may occur when removing the nail product.


  • Protects the toenails during the semi-cure gel removal season by forming a thin and transparent protective film on the nail surface
  • 6 kinds of amino acids strengthen keratin binding to keep your nails firm and healthy.
  • 2-step water lock system prevents loss of hand and toenail moisture.
  • I used the finest brush made by DuPont in the United States. No brush texture remains, so even beginners can use it easily.
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