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Pro Gel Lamp Black Color

Pro Gel Lamp Black Color

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Ohora Pro Gel Lamp

100% of the actual gel content, not printed on stiff vinyl or plastic
The process of curing with UV LED gel lamp is because
It is essential.


PERFECT FIT-Before hardening, semi-solid, close without bending the nail!
COMPACT-portable mini size 131X67X19mm
STRONG-life scratch worry NO! Hardened after 30 seconds, smooth!
QUICK-45 seconds, 60 seconds One-button time setting Quick curing with 6 LEDs
LONG LASTING-Keep vivid color and gloss for at least 2 weeks!
COMPATIBLE-Compatible with all gel nail products

With ohora, you can enjoy the perfect gel nail quality anywhere, regardless of time, place, and cost. Try it!


1.Stand up the legs of the aura gel lamp body.
2. Connect the USB line to the adapter and the main body.
3. Put your hand in the aura gel lamp and press the button to cure.

* Adapter is not included as standard.
* If you press the button shortly, it will be set to 45 seconds, and if you press it long, it will be set to 60 seconds. The power turns off automatically.
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