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WAKEMAKE Natural Hard Brow Pencil 1+1 Special Set

WAKEMAKE Natural Hard Brow Pencil 1+1 Special Set

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WAKEMAKE Natural Hard Brow Pencil 1+1 Special Set

Real customer reviews show high satisfaction, saying that the shape is well set from the beginning and makes it easy for beginners to draw, it applies subtly and doesn’t become too thick, it feels soft so the brow seems subtle, and that this is better than going to the department store to buy an expensive product.

It is a perfect shape, hard sword product with a dagger-shaped core that freely creates thin and thick lines, and expresses subtle shapes even for patchy brows.

Featured ingredient

It is a hard formula, soft blurring product, with the hard and solid formula feeling soft when drawing, and its color development and clump-free sensation helping create eyebrows that fit you perfectly

How to use

1. Using the thin side of the dagger, draw a line along the brows.

2. With the wide side of the dagger, fill in any empty space along the brows.

3. Arrange your brows with a screw brush to result in clean, three-dimensional eyebrows.


01 Dark Brown calmly matches black or dark hair colors.

02 Gray Brown is a light, soft brown.

03 Natural Brown matches bright hair tones or dyed hair.

04 Deep Taupe is a cool deep brown that matches darker hair.

05 Natural Gray is an ashy gray that matches black hair or light skin tones.


This is a special 1+1 set of the WAKEMAKE Natural Hard Brow Pencil.

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