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Wakemake Strong Volume Lash Ampoule 1+1 Special

Wakemake Strong Volume Lash Ampoule 1+1 Special

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Biotintenol specialized for hair strengthening

Intensive care for strengthening hair with a unique raw material composition containing high content of biotin (87) and panthenol (B5), which are hair strengthening ingredients that

help improve fragile hair


Patented nutrition care considering the components of eyelashes

Hybrid peptide with patented biotin added and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid implemented as a highly concentrated ampoule water formula, providing core nutritional care considering the components of eyelashes


Mild care with tear-like pH

Although it is a highly concentrated ampoule formula, oil-free watery texture that can be used even after perm and extension Mild care without eye irritation with the same pH as tears


"2 in 1 root close brush" that helps effective hair root care

Root-adhering tip The triangular tip with moderate elasticity provides meticulous and effective care to the hair roots and lower lashes. Dense care according to the eyelash/eyebrow texture with a soft, close-fitting curved brush


After washing your face in the morning and evening, use it at the last step of basic care. (When using before makeup, apply eye makeup after the product is sufficiently dry)


Using the tip that adheres to the roots, carefully apply to the root of the eyelashes, under eyelashes, and eyebrow line.


Using the close-fitting C-curve brush, apply gently from the hair root along the eyelash/eyebrow texture.

In addition to eyelashes/eyebrows, it can also be used for hairline.

Considering the growth cycle of eyelashes/hair, it is recommended to use continuously for more than one month After use, wipe off foreign substances on the brush with a wet tissue, etc., and keep it clean.
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